Introductory Book on Consumer Culture Theory and Research

Our aim is to present the Czech reader with selected interdisciplinary topics and issues of consumer culture theory and research. For this reason, we have chosen the form of a collective monograph. Each chapter of the book will be written by an international expert in the relevant field of study. The authors of the chapters should explain to the reader what is at stake in a given topic, prove its importance and state proposed solutions and their consequences. Reader of such an introduction should be presented not only with an overview of the past and current theories, but also with an explanation of the terminology used. The various chapters should give the reader an opportunity to orient himself/herself in the contemporary scholarly discussions and to incite his/her own critical thinking. The primary readership of the book are the students in the field of humanities and social sciences, as it is explicitly meant to serve didactic purposes. However, the book is also of interest to both experts and the uninitiated, who wish to get a perspective on the prevailing topics in consumer culture theory and research. Preparation of the book is provided by Pavel Zahrádka (edidor), Jana Mahelová (proofreader), Tomáš Karger, Milan Horňáček, Josef Šebek, Alice Chocholoušková, Tereza Hadravová and Barbora Bušová (translators). The book will be published by Czech renowned publisher house Academia in April 2013.


Origins of Consumer Culture
Jan Kalenda / Palacký University Olomouc

History of Market Research
Hartmut Berghoff / German Historical Institute Washington

Consumption and Social Distinction
Roberta Sassatelli / University of Milan

Marketing Communication and Culture
Franz Liebl / Berlin University of the Arts

Sociology of Branding
Kai Uwe Hellmann / Berlin Institute of Technology

Aesthetics of Consumer Culture
Pavel Zahrádka / Palacký University Olomouc

Theory of Advertising
York Kautt / University Giessen

Theory of Shopping
Daniel Miller / University College London

Critique of Consumer Society
Joseph Heath / University of Toronto

Alternative Hedonism and Voluntary Modesty
Kate Soper / London Metropolitan University
Martin Fafejta / UP Olomouc

Moralization of the Market
Nico Stehr / Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
Marian Adolf / Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen

The Effects of Advertising and the Skeptical Consumer
Jörg Matthes / University of Vienna

New Trends in Consumer Culture Research
Rainer Gries / University of Vienna

in translation
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