Current Projects

New Perspectives on Consumer Culture Theory and Research

The collective monograph New Perspectives on Consumer Culture Theory and Research follows the international conference Consumer Culture: Between Aesthetics, Social Distinction and Ecological Activism held at Palacký University Olomouc (7 – 9 October 2010) and comprises the most interesting and valuable conference contributions covering three thematic areas: (i) Consumer Culture in Post-socialist Countries, (ii) New Prospects on Consumer Culture Research, (iii) Consumer Culture Critique. The book was prepared by Pavel Zahrádka and Renáta Sedláková (editors) and Steven Schwartzhoff (translator and proofreader). Among the authors are not only leading or young European academic researchers from diverse disciplines, but also representatives from the commercial sector who deal with research, production and innovation in consumer culture. The book will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in December 2012.

Introductory Book on Consumer Culture Theory and Research

Our aim is to present the Czech reader with selected interdisciplinary topics and issues of consumer culture theory and research. For this reason, we have chosen the form of a collective monograph. Each chapter of the book will be written by an international expert in the relevant field of study. The authors of the chapters should explain to the reader what is at stake in a given topic, prove its importance and state proposed solutions and their consequences. Reader of such an introduction should be presented not only with an overview of the past and current theories, but also with an explanation of the terminology used. The various chapters should give the reader an opportunity to orient himself/herself in the contemporary scholarly discussions and to incite his/her own critical thinking. The primary readership of the book are the students in the field of humanities and social sciences, as it is explicitly meant to serve didactic purposes. However, the book is also of interest to both experts and the uninitiated, who wish to get a perspective on the prevailing topics in consumer culture theory and research. Preparation of the book is provided by Pavel Zahrádka (edidor), Jana Mahelová (proofreader), Tomáš Karger, Milan Horňáček, Josef Šebek, Tereza Hadravová, Alice Chocholoušková and Barbora Bušová (translators). The book will be published by Czech renowned publisher house Academia in May 2013.